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Our Seeds

Feminine grace, power and connection.

Since 2014, Girl Sprouts has been cultivating seeds of support for the feminine. The world wasn’t created for us so we created a world of our own. We are here to hold and celebrate the many facets of womyn, nourishing them in every phase of their life, from the stillness of a child to the wisdom of an elder. The mono-culture paradigms that oppress and control are rightfully over; interconnectedness as truth is our core. We see a planet full of communities that embody feminine leadership, caring for those in need most, honoring the cyclical nature of existence, and celebrating all forms of biodiversity. Ritual and reconnection to self (self-love), our sisters (sisterhood) and our mother (earth) are all a part of this reclamation and new paradigm. Each stage of womynhood is truly a sacred portal, and we are here to support you through them with creations that imbibe loving your full self. We all thrive when you are in communion with your powerful essence that is intricately connected to this living planet.




"I am not free while any woman is unfree, even if her shackles are very different from my own."

— Audre Lorde


Our Roots

Period positivity and creative fire.

It all started when one of our daughters entered puberty, which made us recall our own journeys and the lack of support, hiding and shame experienced at this time. We thought, “entering womynhood is a monumental experienced, where is the party and circle of womyn to guide us through this special time?” As we began to create this for her, we realized how this is needed more than ever, to bring womyn into their light and power. We also noticed that the products she needed around this time were full of harmful chemicals which would disrupt the ecological harmony within and outside of her. So we began experimenting with all-natural recipes for her to use on her body like facewashes, deodorants and a salve to absolve cramps. From a kitchen full of creative hands and dancing bodies, Girl Sprouts was born; practical products to empower girls into womynhood, something we thought should already exist! Since then, Girl Sprouts has expanded to a holistic womyn’s wellness company. We are so happy you are here.